Double Bay Bowling Club Refurbishment – A Project Profile

After nearly 17 years in the building industry, I and the staff at Formacon have been privileged to participate in a variety of construction projects, including commercial office blocks, warehousing, medical centres, and many restaurant and office fit-outs. Every project is unique, and one of the things that sets each one apart is the personal dynamics. From the clients to the tradesmen to the office support staff, the people and the personalities are different in every job and everyone contributes to a project’s success in their own way. Double Bay Bowling Club was a job where all the people involved contributed in a positive way to what turned into a great fit-out.

Established in around 1945, the Double Bay Bowling Club is only five minutes from the Sydney CBD. However, once you’re through the gate, you feel as if you’re deep in the eastern suburbs. The greens are meticulously kept up, dark green grass with white chalk lines indicating the different playing areas. The front gates at the end of the driveway welcome you to the rose gardens, which lead up to the veranda.


Our brief as Design and Construction Contractors (D&C) was to refurbish and relocate the main bar, upgrade the main hall, design and build a new disabled access ramp for the members’ entry, refurbish the boardroom and reception areas and repair and refurbish the main balcony. The existing building didn’t come without its challenges; it’s significantly out of level after nearly 80 years of ground settlement.

However, all of the challenges were overcome with clever design and building techniques.

Thank you to the board members and the project team for such a successful project. Its been a busy 2013, and we are looking forward to the heavy workload in 2014. To everyone online thank you for your support, Merry Christmas and Happy new Year, See you in mid January.

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