Your construction partners

Formacon is a specialised construction firm focusing on fit-out and construction, as well as high-rise and multi-dwelling developments.

Our unique Value Engineering System means we can consistently provide you with lower-cost solutions and more efficient execution than typical construction management approaches. It also means you get industry leading quality customer service, and the final result of an exceptionally-built space that can be delivered within shorter timeframes than would normally be expected.

We take the time to understand your needs. This allows us to add value to your project by engineering a solution that can improve outcomes in terms of cost, value for money and quality.

Our dedicated team approach to project management enables us to concentrate on your priorities by delivering a more personalised services that is unique to your project, and ensures we produces the outcomes you require.

Quality, Service and Consistancy

To deliver high levels of service, reduce risk and comply with relevant regulations, Formacon Building has policies in place backed by management systems to meet compliance obligations in occupational health and safety, environmental protection and risk management while promoting efficient operations and delivering quality results.

Quality Assurance – we follow a quality management system throughout our organisation. Communication through the entire process plays an essential role in creating high-quality outcomes, so we consult with our clients to create a tailored project schedule to meet the particular requirements.

Occupational Health and Safety – our occupational health and safety system minimizes risks to protect the health, safety and welfare of our employees, clients and other persons at construction and fitout sites. This system contains the documented policies, processes and procedures to ensure that health and safety requirements are addressed at all times. To maintain our record of zero health and safety incidents, we:

  • Provide and maintain a healthy and safe work environment
  • Review work areas, equipment and work methods to further improve safety
  • Provide ongoing health and safety training to all employees

Environmental Management – we have policies that help to ensure environmental protection when providing our services. Our goal is to meet all obligations in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act and all other environmental laws and regulations. We are committed to protecting the environment and managing environmental issues by:

  • Careful management of emissions and discharges and minimizing waste
  • Ensuring conformity with our environmental policies and ongoing improvement through a comprehensive compliance program, including audits