5 things I’ve learnt writing a book on building, construction and property

Constructive waysAfter close to a year and a half focused on crafting and designing the key messages I’m delighted that the book is finally in print… Here’s what I’ve taken away from this experience-

1.The writing is never finished

The business environment is consistently changing, Legislation is evolving, My learning curve continues to expand

2.You can’t keep everyone happy

People approach situations from different points of view. Their opinions are theirs because of different experiences either good or bad – This point of view should be understood and respected.

3.Creating and sharing ideas is a process that takes time

Time and patience -when you overcome the initial challenge the rest falls into place

4.The industry is centred on a  generalist approach – construction projects are unique

We work in an environment were concepts relate to the industry but each project has its own challenges and obstacles that need to be overcome.

5.Be thankful and humbled for having an audience

Writing about your ideas and concepts can only engage and provoke further discussion adding to the process and promoting change. This applies to all literature from the simplest guide to the most complex of text books.

Constructive Ways is due for release end of February 2014. Available in hard cover and e-book through amazon.com, Register now for more information here or visit: